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We are innovating and challenging the psychedelic market by providing you with tools to increase your mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. Canada’s source of psilocybin medicines.

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Offering some of the only true extracted psilocybin on the market to date. We curate our products only with lab tested ingredients, assuring you repeatable and accurate dosage every time. Check out our products for more information!

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I have been using magic mushrooms since I was about 18 years olds- before they were even a fleeting thought to be helpful for Mental Health. I have never really had any “bad experiences”, but I also take the time to do my research and make sure I am practicing with psilocybin in a safe space. But now, at 33 years old and diagnosed with Bipolar ll I have been micro-dosing on a regular basis for over a year now - to combat my depression and my extreme mood swings due to be bipolar. I tried Blum & labs last week for the first time (in replacement of my current micro dosage). Let me just say - mic drop. I have never experienced something like this before in my life. It works incredibly well, it opens up your mind and heart to the experience with no side residual side effects and the best part is - you do not feel that “surge” you get with most psilocybin products (and if you have tried magic mushrooms - you know the surge I am talking about). The dosage brings you to a very clear, structured state of pure happiness. There is really no other way to describe it. There are no hallucinations (which is KEY when it comes to microdosing) and the effects afterward...well let’s just say, what effects? There was no downside to being on or coming off this product.


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