Starting Your First Microdose

Published on by Chelsea

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Like most things in life, we want a specific outcome or have an idea of what we want our experience to be like. This is exactly the same feeling when you’re starting your first mushroom dose. You’re revved up, maybe a little nervous or excited and you want to press play! So, let’s dive into what you can expect from your first microdose and the importance of preparation.

First things first, we recommend that your first dose day should be on a day off. This means with no prior commitments or work. When microdosing, you want to start by setting some intentions. It’s so important to set aside this time for you to dedicate to the experience. Allowing yourself time to sink into the feelings of your dose will ensure you reap all of the benefits.

Let’s refer to Deepak Chopra, M.D.’s work on setting intentions, “Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love.” What brought you here? How are you feeling in this present moment? What worries do you have, and what excites you?

Creating a list of specific intentions before taking your dose will allow you to direct attention to your why, and feel secure with your desires in this experience. Make them clear and have them in a place where you can easily access them or refer back to them. This is a great time to start a journal or log for yourself! We recommend you fill your journal out in sync with your microdosing schedule. By noting and tracking your experiences, you’ll be able to refer back to how you were feeling the first time, and through each time after that.

If journaling and writing make you feel uncomfortable, start small! These logs can be as simple as a recap at the end of your day with simple words like euphoria, joy, unity, mental clarity, etc. Whatever comes up, consider accounting for and logging.

Remove any distractions and create a safe zone. Taking time to unplug is rare these days, which undoubtedly makes this the perfect opportunity. You want to cultivate a little sanctuary where you can defer to your remedies for comfort or creativity! When microdosing, emotions can arise; give yourself the foresight and tools to help you cope with this as they come up. Living with some roomies or a partner? Let them know you’re unplugging today.

Have a buddy! Don’t feel like you need to do this alone; let them know you are starting your first dose today and that they should be at the ready for a phone call or helping hand. Heck, maybe they are hanging out with you, whatever the activity. Communication is key. Build your safe zone and create your #friendlydosenetwork.

Lastly, go play outside! Move your body and get your endorphins firing on all cylinders. This is your day off, remember! Hike, bike, dance, go for walk-in nature, a picnic in the park, roll out that yoga mat, read your favourite book, sit by the river or lake. Whatever your intentions or desires, do something you love that brings you joy and fulfills your deepest self.

Remember, wherever you are is precisely where you need to be. When you chose to start on this journey, you had a specific reason, right? Trust in the process, enjoy the ride, and feel the good. You’ve got this!