An Experience

Published on by Chelsea

An overhead view of a beach at dusk with waves crashing

To begin the journey into your own mind can be scary, but if you’re reading this that probably means you’re at least interested in starting the process, so good on you for taking that first step! This year has already been fraught with insecurities, toils, and troubles, and it has just begun. I know I can’t control whats happening in the world around me, so I decided to work on some things that I can control.

I’ve read all the books on productivity and leadership through vulnerability, mindset to motivation, thirsting for the answer to my daily balance and serenity.

I’ve watched hours of Youtube tutorials on how to start my day right, and to find my perfect routine. How do I control my moods while stuck at home in a pandemic and waiting for creative inspiration? Would the dopamine hit of my hour-long zoom workout sustain me throughout the day?

Stability, focus, drive, clarity, creativity, these words are constantly rattling around my brain. I searched for relief from these anxieties, I needed a breath of fresh air to pull me out of my obsessive compulsions.

My journey inward started in the most unlikely place and with a welcome introduction. The explorer in me said yes and my pessimistic side subsided the more I understood how straightforward this actually was. I decided to jump right in and started my journey of mental, spiritual & emotional well-being.

What was my approach? Along with exercise, meditation, and spending more time doing things that bring me joy, I began microdosing psilocybin. And no, I did not trip; in fact, the opposite. Ever wonder what hugging a cloud would feel like? Well, perhaps that’s a bit far out. I started simple and followed the guidelines as suggested, the preferred method created by the Godfather of microdosing, Dr. James Fadiman. His approach is based on a three-day rotation.

My microdosing experience has been nothing short of an awakening, in the purest sense. The chatter in my mind has subsided, and feelings of insecurity have been replaced with feelings of serenity and self-love. Creativity is energy in motion; my focus has become streamlined. I completely ditched the pre-workout and any caffeinated bevies. I was focused and energized throughout the week: no jitters or crashes.

Previously, I would struggle to concentrate on a project for longer than 15 minutes. This inability to focus has now transformed into the mental strength to get through a 2 hour session of working without any fatigue! (with the occasional break for some fresh air and a lovely cup of tea) This feeling has been what most call the “Glow State”. Being productive has been a battle for me for so long, often thinking of the pile of things I needed to accomplish induced anxiety. I now look forward to accomplishing my tasks with clarity and ease.

Here’s to the continued journey.